How to use Messenger without a Facebook Account

The Messenger app has been used mainly for Facebook chat. Facebook has established it as an independent app. So, it’s no longer necessary to have a Facebook account to chat in Messenger. Signing up with your mobile number allows you to easily exchange messages with other Messenger users. This feature has been launched in 20 years. So let’s see how to easily use Messenger without Facebook.

Ways to use Messenger without Facebook

1. First you install the Messenger app on your phone. Click here to download Messenger for Android. Click here to download Messenger for iPhone.

2. When you open the app, you will see a page like the one below. Since you do not have an account or are trying to open a new account, press the “Create New Account” button.

3. This time, a page like the one below will appear. This is where your mobile number will be asked. Here you have to enter a number that has never been opened a Messenger or Facebook account. Of course, he will give himself the number he uses to communicate with people. Otherwise you will not find your friends in Messenger. When the number is entered, press the Next button.

4. Now on a page like the one below, you will be asked to give a password. Give yourself a password you can easily remember but others can’t easily guess. If you want to change the password later, you can save it with a mobile number. After entering the password, press the Next button.

5. Now enter your full name in the following page. Enter the full name in the First Name and Last Name cells. By this name, everyone will find you in Messenger. Press the Next button again.

6. You will be given a link to Messenger Terms, Data Policy and Cookie Policy as shown in this page. You can read them if you want. If all is well, press the “Create Account” button at this stage.

7. This time, Facebook will send a six-digit verification code through an SMS to the number you enter. Please enter the code on the page as in the picture below

8. Once the code has been given, your account will be open. Now Messenger will upload your profile picture and contact list so others can find you.

You can do these later if you want.

And this is how Messenger can be used without Facebook.